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catacaos-peruChulucanas City, also known as the lemon capital, is 49 kilometers from the city of Piura.
Chulucanas City is known for its streets are wide.
Agriculture is their way of life. between production have golden lemons and mangoes.
One of its main attractions is the pottery that is known worldwide.


catacaos-peruChulucanas City, Province Morropón. The luminosity of the landscape and pleasant climate are other equally powerful attractions of this place.

The fine ceramic work Chulucanas have been around the world and have won the domestic and foreign markets.
catacaos-peru The roots of this art are in the Vicus culture that left an important legacy of pottery and gold in the mountain that bears his name.

. 5 Km Chulucanas is the Encantada, a village famous for its pottery, the themes reflected in the works of these artists are usually genre: the traditions, customs and lifestyles of the area.