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SULLANA - piura

catacaos-peruIt is the capital of the province of Sullana, in the Department of Piura, Peru. Also known as "La Perla del Chira", "The City of Eternal Summer" or "Bride of the Sun"; was founded in 1783 by Bishop Baltasar Jaime Martínez Bujanda Compañón and with the name "Santísima Trinidad de la Punta" being designed to be converted from its beginnings as a city guide.

Today the city is an administrative-commercial-urban and financial center, which boasts one of the largest and most developed cities in the country. Its valley, irrigated by the Rio Chira, allows intensive agricultural products for export and for domestic consumption and also sets up a natural and tourist space worthy of admiration.

Surrounded by the mountains of Amotape Sullana City is the second city in demographic and socio-economic importance of the Piura Region.

La Perla del Chira

catacaos-peruSullana province has rich and fertile land. Chira valley is one of the most favored by nature in the Peruvian coast.

It has good soil, sufficient water and favorable climate for a variety of crops. The soils are alluvial - colluvial. There are 100,000 hectares suitable for cultivation, of which 30,000 are used only by the lack of adequate irrigation infrastructure.

The main production is represented by: Rice, cotton and a variety of tropical fruit on a large scale; well as sorghum, corn and bread to take in lower production.