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catacaos - piura

catacaos-peruCatacaos this picturesque village is located 12 km. city ​​of Piura, is rooted primarily in the Tallan culture and is characterized by the production of cotton, high quality texture and long fibers, is highly sought after both at home and abroad.

Something very characteristic of Catacaos is the innate ability of the artisans who make wonderful gold and silver, as well as straw, wood, leather, mud and clothing coveted by hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists who come to these sunny lands.


catacaos-peruAt approximately 4 kilometers from the city of Catacaos, the most important architectural evidence in adobe Tallán ethnicity is located. La Huaca Narihualá is part of the archaeological environment Huaca, its museum displaying cultural material of archaeological research as funerary offering hairless dog, textiles, metallurgy, ceramics, adobes typology.

A recent addition uan room ethnohistory that both supplied information relating to custom and tradition of the current population. Its exact location is Village of Narihualá, Catacaos attention are Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am 4:00 pm.


Catacaos every tourist has his beautiful historic Commerce Street, the main artery that are older than two centuries has hosted thousands of merchants who have sold their products mainly straw and reed.